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January 25, 2015

Meg Weaver, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, mweaver@woodenhorsepub.com


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* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook
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Dear readers,

February is so much better than January.

For starting a business fiscal year, that is.

Think about it. You arrive in January absolutely exhausted and in various stages of inebriation. You get one day to recover from a month and a half of constant stress, nosy aunts and tipsy uncles, a ruined weight-loss program and an empty wallet.

When you just want to crawl into a cave and hibernate, you’re supposed to rev up your engines and enthusiastically start a new year.

The Horse complicates January further by kicking off our biggest (sometimes only) sale of the year. Leaning heavily on experiences from past years, we launched this year’s issue as usual – and a few days in, “POODLE” hit, shutting down our shopping cart.

We still can’t take orders. So, I have removed references to the Winter Sale from our website but you can always call us and we’ll take your order over the phone, honoring the discounts. Once we get up and running again, I’ll restore the Sale notices for a little while and let you know via email.

But – what is a POODLE? We wrote about it in the last newsletter:

“The ecommerce world…got smacked with a 15 year old software weakness they tried to spin into insignificance by abbreviating it POODLE. (Never have so many images of mild-mannered canines baring teeth popped up on the IT security pages.)

If this flaw is exploited, hackers can take over your computer (yes, Macs too!) and clean out your bank account.

Waiting 15 years didn’t make this hitherto ignored “vulnerability” disappear and software engineers promised a fix ‘sometime in the future.’ Only Mozilla, the caretaker of Firefox, determined that perhaps there was some urgency in this situation and only took a month to include a temporary fix in their browser’s November 25th upgrade. Microsoft’s announced work-around, for example, will be released in February.

‘POODLE’ is only a problem when you see the “http://...” in your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) change to “https://”; in other words, when you send encrypted information over the Internet, such as to your bank, your broker, maybe your doctor, etc.

The problem is that some computer users don’t update their PC software and still use antiquated browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6 (the current one is 11) which contains the exploitable flaw. Since 6 is still in support life, all browser providers must include the flawed software contained in that old product.

Suffice it so say, all browsers – except Firefox 34.0 and the latest Safari – have this problem. Firefox incorporated a temporary fix into their 34.0 update on November 25. Safari was updated right before Christmas I’m told, and both are now safe. The other browsers are in various stages of repair.

As a consumer surfing the Internet, protect yourself by using Firefox 34.0 on PCs and make sure your Mac’s Safari recently was updated (or use Firefox 34.0; get it at http://download.cnet.com/Mozilla-Firefox/3000-2356_4-10208569.html.) If you insist on using another browser, test it at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html  

As a merchant selling products online protect your customers by testing your website at http://poodlebleed.com/ (below ‘Online Poodle Bug Server Test.’) This is not a bug; it is a problem in the code itself, so most domains will come up as unsafe. If so, contact your Internet Service Provider hosting your website. If you want to try to fix it yourself, you really need to know SSL 3.0 and then be aware that TSL (one of the proposed fixes) has the same problem.”

I contacted my web host and they removed the problem code. The replacement requires a new “engine” (also software) and that is what we are waiting for now.

Hopefully, we will be up and running this week. I will let you know.



WORKING SMARTER BUSINESS NEWS_______________________________

We’re cranking our Working Smarter blog back up for the new year:

Twitter, so long the darling of users and advertisers alike – is planning to stimulate its anemic growth with the goal of becoming “the largest daily audience in the world,” as CEO Dick Costolo told an audience of business analysts on November 11. Having been accused of being too secretive in the past, this time he disclosed actual products the company will introduce, although without timing specifics, except for a direct messaging feature which is “imminent.” Read more at our Media News blog

How to avoid having your (business) posts removed from Facebook: It is now making another attempt at filling users’ News Feeds only with what Facebook management think are relevant posts about subjects they think users want to see. Learn how to write your posts to keep them from being kicked out

Being almost at the end of January: US businesses, who use contractors, don’t forget to prep and send your 1099 forms to those contractors – and of course, W-2’s to employees this month…



MEDIA NEWS_______________________________

Airbnb travelers and hosts, your stories are wanted: Airbnb, the “community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world,” is looking for “deeply local and personal content that we hope will inspire travelers everywhere” for their new print magazine, Pineapple, and its website. A company spokesperson told The New York Times: “The focus of the magazine is travel, not company news.” Each quarterly issue will profile three cities…(Read more at our Media News blog)

Sports Illustrated* has fired all of its staff photographers due to a company “restructure” but doesn’t intend to abandon visual coverage. Our commitment to photography hasn’t changed, director of photography Brad Smith said. “We’re still going to cover games, we’re going to shoot portraits, we’re going to cover Olympics, we’ll be at the Final Four, we will be at championships, we’ll be there,” he said…

National Underwriter Life & Health and InsideCounsel magazines and website Tax Facts have a new owner, ALM, the owner of The American Lawyer magazine and 350 other titles and owned by a consortium led by private-equity firm Wasserstein & Co. Seller was Summit Professional Networks but the terms of the deal were not announced. ALM’s CEO Bill Carter said that ALM will look for further deals in highly regulated industries such as insurance and finance…

NYT Living is a new New York Times lifestyle newsletter that will feature Times content on a wide variety of subjects. It is edited by the Times’ growth strategy editor for lifestyle news, Simone Oliver, simone.oliver@nytimes.com...

Canadian Florist magazine has been sold by Annex Business Media to Strider Media...

Fairchild Fashion Media moved Monday, January 19. The editorial staff's new mailing address is 475 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017 and all sample deliveries should be sent to: 1158 Broadway, New York, NY 10001. Fairchild owns WWD (Women's Wear Daily), Style.com, FN (Footwear News), NowManifest, Beauty Inc, M and Fairchild Summits…

Al Jazeera America is cutting jobs and replacing most of its daytime lineup with an overseas news feed from Al Jazeera English. It is canceling both its morning news report and “Consider This with Antonio Mora” at 11 AM. It’s also scrapping its 4 PM news hour and pushing its 6 PM coverage an hour later to 7 PM. “Increasingly we’re finding that viewers are coming to us for in-depth reporting and analysis of domestic and global news events, and our goal is to offer that around the clock,” a spokesperson said. Six people lost their jobs…

Canadian trade publishers MediaEdge Publishing and Perks Publications Inc (PPI) have merged…

Modern Farmer, the print magazine, who has received a lot of attention as the magazine for hobby and urban farmers, lost its last two paid editors (two interns are still there) last week. However, it vows to print a summer issue and soldier on. But will it be the same without founding editor-in-chief, Ann Marie Gardner?...

Huffington Post is continuing to staff up for its long-form journalism section; it just hired three from the gutted The New Republic magazine: Editors Greg Veis and Rachel Morris, and a writer, Jonathan Cohn. According to NYTimes.com, “the site has said it has general plans to expand its own reporting capacity, as a contract it has with The Associated Press wire service to provide it with articles ends this year.”…

The Snug, a new website from Time Inc targeting millennials with do-it-yourself, crafting and décor content aggregated from company publications, such as InStyle, People, Real Simple, Southern Living and This Old House as well as selected partners, such as Apartment Therapy, CasaSugar and HomeTalk. Original content will include how-tos, videos and lists. In charge of the site will be This Old House editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk, scott_omelianuk@timeinc.com...

Xtra, the gay and lesbian community newspapers in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, will cease print editions in mid-February and go digital-only. 12 employees will lose their jobs…

Bloomberg Business was planning on launching a new media product last week but postponed it. No new date was set for a new briefing and launch date…

Allrecipes, the print magazine based on the popular website, is becoming quite popular itself. Starting with the February/March issue, the magazine’s circulation will be upped to 1.1 million. That’s a 120% increase since it launched in November of 2013. How has the editors achieved such a phenomenal growth? FishbowlNY suggest the secret is listening to customers…

Drone 360 is a magazine about drones, as in irritating, unmanned aircraft and will launch on March 24. For now, only one issue is planned but Kalmbach Publishing is “going to see how this premiere issue does before we commit.” The company bills the title as "the first magazine to offer total coverage of the breathtaking world of drones." The first issue includes features on the Federal Aviation Administration's new drone regulations; the inaugural NYC Drone Film Festival; and tips on "how to fly the latest multirotor copters" and "take better photos and videos" with drones. Editor Tim Kidwell, tkidwell@modelretailer.com, said in a statement: "We’ll provide hobbyists great how-to advice and reviews, but we’ll also go deeper, examining the significant changes drones continue to make to our culture, art, industry, and science.” Circulation will be roughly 34,000 with a newsstand price of $7.99 and availability in print and on the iPad…


Media News Especially for PR Professionals and
Small Business Owners Seeking Publicity:

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert will debut September 8…

‘The FAB Life’ is a new lifestyle chat show hosted by former model, producer and TV personality Tyra Banks and co-hosted by model Chrissy Teigen, Yahoo! style editor Joe Zee, designer Lauren Makk and YouTube star Leah Ashley. By the way, FAB is an acronym for “Fun And Beautiful.” The program is slated to launch on ABC stations in the fall of 2015…


* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook

MEDIA DATABASE ADDITIONS AND CHANGES___________________________________________

These are some of the 2015 editorial calendars we’ve added lately:

Teen Vogue*
Family Circle*
Martha Stewart Living*
Midwest Living*
Weight Watchers*
Field & Stream*
Popular Science*
New York Times Magazine*



MEDIA PEOPLE CHANGES_______________________________

Town & Country* has a new entertainment director, Cortney Pellettieri, @cpellettieri, cpellettieri@hearst.com...

Boston.com has a new associate editor, Victor Paul Alvarez, @vpaulalvarez, victor.alvarez@globe.com...

Wall Street Journal has a new Off Duty deputy editor, James Gaddy, james.gaddy@wsj.com...

CNBC is opening a new San Francisco bureau on Feb 2 with Mary Catherine Wellons, @mcwellons, mc.wellons@nbcuni.com as bureau chief…


* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook


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Print books are back! Actually, some of us never thought they were gone.

I’m no Luddite (I have a Kindle, an iPhone and an iPad (though I never really know what to do with the latter), but I love print books. Usually, I buy a book I want to read for my Kindle. Later, if I want to keep it, I also buy it in print.

Unit sales of print books rose 2.4% in 2014, Publishers Weekly reports. The increase wasn’t due to people like me but to a 3.4% increase in unit sales through the retail and club channel (relative to 2013.)

Another positive trend reported in the same article was the growth of juvenile books: “…with sales in juvenile nonfiction up 16% and sales of juvenile fiction ahead 12% over 2013.”


Encourage someone to read – in whatever form,



* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook

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