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June 14, 2015

Meg Weaver, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, mweaver@woodenhorsepub.com


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* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook
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Dear readers,

Christmas is coming (honestly.)

At least for PR professionals and small business owners seeking publicity. And writers and photographers.

If you want to be included in the Christmas issue of print magazines, you need to start pitching now! Or be left out.

And writers, we’ve added a ‘Book” list with over 3,000 media contacts interested in books, including reviewers. Want to sell your new book as a holiday gift? It’s high time to contact editors now.

And our Media Lists are on sale – see the “News from Wooden Horse” below for details.


Signs of the times:

Last year newspaper circulation revenues inched ahead of advertising revenue, according to a report out today from the trade group WAN-IFRA.

For 2014, circulation generated $92 billion compared to $87 billion for advertising.

“A seismic shift,” WAN-IFRA’s secretary-general Larry Kilman said in a statement.

Other data from the report: World-wide, 2.7 billion people read newspapers in print and another 770 million on desktop digital platforms.

It also includes a breakdown of average daily time spent with various media:

Smartphone - 97 minutes.
Tablet - 37 minutes.
Television - 81 minutes.
Desktop - 70 minutes.
Radio - 44 minutes.
Print - 33 minutes.


Users want their content and they want it now!

National Public Radio found in a study that live streaming hours fell 6% in the first quarter of 2015 from the year prior. Meanwhile, on-demand listening grew.

“This reflects the larger consumer trend that we see across all media, which is live consumption of any media, including television, shifting to on-demand, self-curated experiences,” Steve Mulder, NPR’s senior director of audience insights, told Nieman Lab. “People want to control the media they are consuming.”

You can find more from the study on the Nieman Lab website



MEDIA NEWS_______________________________

More* magazine had a special guest editor for the July/August issue, First Lady Michelle Obama…

Bloomberg Pursuits* magazine has had a redesign and more importantly, a re-positioning. Instead of covering the super-wealthy lifestyle, its new tagline is ‘luxury for all.’ The plans are to become “a stand-alone brand” (issues are currently distributed only to owners of Bloomberg-connected trade terminals.) Issues may even be available on newsstands, as well as two issues per year added (making the title semi-monthly)…

ShopSmart magazine, from Consumer Reports, is no more after the August/September issue.  “As a result of [our] new digital strategy, Consumer Reports will shift away from smaller print publications, discontinuing ShopSmart magazine and its Money Adviser newsletter but expanding its reach with refreshed and new mobile and [web] products and services,” said CEO Martha Tellado in a statement…

Premier Traveler magazine has a new editor-in-chief, Jill Brooke. She said, per NYPost.com, that she plans “to help expand Premier Travel’s print and [web] brand by introducing more business-conference coverage with opportunities for learning seminars.” A new column titled “2Days” will show “how to expand business trips by two days and find fun things for your kids or spouse to do.”…

Spin Media is moving its headquarters from Hollywood to New York…

The Columbus Dispatch, ThisWeek Newspapers (a collection of 24 suburban weeklies); and seven magazines, including Columbus Monthly*, Columbus CEO and Capital Style, has been sold to New Media Investment Group, based in New York, NY. The Dispatch has been owned by the Wolfe family for 110 years…

Architectural Record, Engineering News-Record and SNAP have been purchased by BNP Media. BNP already has 16 brands in the architecture and engineering industry…

Family Fun* magazine, which has been based in Northampton for 24 years, will relocate to New York City in August. The address will be publisher Meredith’s Manhattan office at 805 Third Avenue. That is where the editorial teams of three of Meredith’s other publications – Parents*, American Baby* and Family Circle* - are already located…

The Prince George Free Press newspaper in British Columbia has ceased publication…

EatingWell* magazine must be doing well since it is raising its rate base to one million with the July/August 2015 issue…

T: The New York Times Style Magazine will relaunch in August. “T was essentially in start-up mode over the last couple years,” said Editor-in-Chief Deborah Needleman, deborah.needleman@nytimes.com. “With a lean staff, we recast the editorial direction of the magazine, broadening it into a general-interest style magazine, examining stories through the lens of culture and ideas. The business [2014 vs. 2012 ad pages] grew 15%, and we are now positioning ourselves for future growth and opportunity.”…

Better Homes and Gardens* will be getting a new editor-in-chief when longtime chief editor, Gayle Butler, retires. Stephen Orr, @ orrsteporr, the executive editor at Condé Nast Traveler* and former editorial director for Martha Stewart Living*, will take over on July 6…

Refinery29 is leaving its fashion roots and broadening its editorial to be the go-to news and lifestyle website for millennial women in the United States, and, soon, in the United Kingdom and Germany. It will beef up its video programming, which includes tutorials, documentaries and scripted shows. The site has already added staff for food, politics, technology and culture…


Media News Especially for PR Professionals and
Small Business Owners Seeking Publicity:

Katie Couric will sign a new contract with Yahoo with a new salary, $10 million. She will continue to host news-making short videos that are showcased on Yahoo!’s homepage. This week, for example, she interviewed Senator Lindsey Graham…



Finally, got a chance to buy an issue of “Organic Life,”* the replacement for “Organic Gardening” and a major launch this year.

My first impression was that it’s looking so old.

The muted colors, the serif font, the…I’m sure a magazine professional could instantly point out what makes the pages come across melancholy, almost sad, to me.

If the objective of this publication is to be aspirational and inspire the readers to live an organic life, it sure doesn’t work for me. Rather, I feel I would fall into a dark, dismal hole.

The content is standard organic fare: Grow flowers, grow vegetables, let sunlight in, walk for exercise. Been there, done that. Only the feature about preparing and eating soft shell crabs taught me something new, although I don’t think I’ll try it anyway.)

All in all, not a winner for me. Yet. I’ll give it a couple of more issues.


* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook

NEWS FROM WOODEN HORSE__________________________

We had the Goonies in town last weekend. It was the 30th anniversary of the first screening.

Being an even number, little Astoria, OR, was packed to the gills. Normally 10,000 residents, another 12,000 flooded the streets rushing to the jail – now a film museum - or doing the Truffle Shuffle at the Goonies House.

Oregon Public Broadcasting described the costumes most wore as: “calf-length canvas jackets covered in Boy Scout patches, black berets jerked low over the forehead, and more Hawaiian print t-shirts than you can shake a stick at. One guy in red suspenders and a Superman T-shirt rode by on a unicycle. He was wearing some kind of mutant monster mask. And carrying a set of bagpipes that spout flames? Of course.”

As usual, I had planned to stay home for the weekend but it was a sneaky four-day event and I ran head first into gaggles of “Chunks,” “One-Eyed Willies” and whole “Fratelli” families while running errands on Thursday.

Life in a small town.


I probably should mention that this newsletter will take a little summer time off. As in every other year, news has dwindled to a drip and what there is has nothing to do with what we are interested in. So, our bi-weekly newsletter may get a little erratic in its appearance between now and sometime in August when media’s fall campaigns are cranking up.

We won’t be totally quiet, though.

Summer is planning season, both for us and for you. More about this later.


However, the sale of our Media Lists is still on. And, by request, we even extended it to end-of-day on June 22.

You can now get $10 off on lists of US and Canada media contacts reporting on:

Gift Guides – 460 entries
Travel – 1,780 entries
Fashion – 2,500 entries
Music – 1,580 entries
Fitness – 1,200 entries
Beverages – 1,500 entries
Food – 5,750 entries

And we even have seven new lists (most of which we haven’t established final numbers for yet):

Consumer Electronics
Books – 3,200 entries

Hey, writers! Did you see that last list? Over 3,000 media contacts covering books! Need publicity or reviews? Here’s a convenient list just for you of contacts and it is now on sale.

Use discount coupon S11NL002 at check-out to get the $10 off!

Don’t take the chance you’ll forget - get your savings now!



WORKING SMARTER BUSINESS NEWS_______________________________

News is slowing down for the summer on the business side as well, but we found a couple of stories you should know about and a Friday round-up of interesting new features:

“‘Google Webmaster Tools’ has been rebranded as ‘Google Search Console’”

“Convenient at-a-glance table serves as an excellent guide to SEO”

“4 new features in Twitter, Instagram for Business, Pinterest and Vimeo”


Check the Working Smarter blog on the website for business news during the summer…



MEDIA PEOPLE CHANGES_______________________________


Vogue* will be without Beauty Director Sarah Brown, @SBRogue, sarah_brown@condenast.com; she will continue as a contributing editor…

Boston Globe Magazine* will be without Editor Susanne Althoff, @SusanneAlthoff, on June 5…

Automotive News* has a new West Coast bureau reporter, David Undercoffler, @autonews_west, undercoffler@crain.com...     

Maxim* is without Senior Editor Matt Berical, @MattBerical…   

CNN Digital is without Senior Social Media Producer Dorrine Mendoza…

Washington Post has a new national political correspondent, James Hohmann, @jameshohmann…

Roll Call has a new national security editor, Jennifer Koons, @jenkoons, jenniferkoons@rollcall.com...

Roll Call has a new staff writer covering education, Sarah Chacko, @sarahheartsnews, sarahchacko@cqrollcall.com...

CQ Weekly has a new editor, Kevin Whitelaw, @KevinWhitelaw1, kevinwhitelaw@cqrollcall.com...     

Teen Vogue* has a new digital editorial director, Philip Picardi, @pfpicardi…

AP’s Los Angeles bureau has a new reporter covering legal affairs, Amanda Lee Myers, @AmandaLeeAP, amyers@ap.org...

Cosmopolitan (Digital)* is without senior editor Michelle Ruiz, @michelleruiz…

Atlanta Journal-Constitution is without Senior Business Editor Charles Gay…

The Los Angeles Times is without Senior City Staff Writer Jeff Gottlieb, @GottliebJeff…

Real Simple* has a new lifestyle editor, Sarah Yang, @sarahayang, sarah_yang@realsimple.com...

Washington City Paper has a new editor, Steve Cavendish, @scavendish, scavendish@nashvillescene.com...

The Associated Press has a new reporter covering money and politics, Julie Bykowicz, @bykowicz, jbykowicz@ap.org...    

USA Today is without Sports Reporter Gary Mihoces, @ByGaryMihoces; he has retired…

The Gloss has a new managing editor, Jillian Lucas, @jilldotcom, editor@thegloss.com...     

Newsweek* has a new political correspondent, Emily Cadei, @emilycadei, e.cadei@newsweek.com...

The Daily Caller News Foundation has a new executive editor, Mark Tapscott, @mtapscott, mark@dailycallernewsfoundation.org...

Los Angeles Times is without Film Critic Betsy Sharkey, @BetsySharkey…   

Los Angeles Times is without Business Reporter Marc Lifsher, @MarcLifsher…   

The Cincinnati Enquirer has a new interim executive editor, Michael McCarter, @aviator2, mmccarter@enquirer.com...

The Cincinnati Enquirer is without Editor Carolyn Washburn, @CarolynWashburn…   

Talking Points Memo has a new reporter covering culture, international news and politics, Tierney Sneed, @Tierney_Megan, tierney@talkingpointsmemo.com...
US News & World Report* is without Tierney Sneed, @Tierney_Megan…

mental_floss* has a new executive editor, Foster Kamer, @weareyourfek…
ESPN’s SportsCenter has a new anchor for the midnight edition late this summer, Scott Van Pelt, @notthefakeSVP…

Politico has a new reporter covering politics and technology, Nancy Scola, @nancyscola, nscola@politico.com...

USA Today is without Managing Editor of News Dennis Moore, @DMooreUSAT…

USA Today is without Money Editor Anne Willette, @amwillette…

USA Today is without Senior Night Editor Fred Anklam, @anklamfred…   

USA Today is without Economics and Real Estate Editor Doug Carroll, @DougCarroll7…  

USA Today is without Autos Editor Fred Meier, @autoed…

USA Today is without Personal Finance Reporter Nanci Hellmich, @nancihellmich…

USA Today is without Financial Markets Reporter Gary Strauss, @gstrauss_...

USA Today is without Marketing and Advertising Reporter Bruce Horovitz, @brucehorovitz…

* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook


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...and much, much more to come



Nice numbers:

Total sales in the US book publishing industry rose almost 5% in 2014 over 2013, according to figures released by the Association of American Publishers via the trade magazine Publishers Weekly.

Trade remained the largest category with 2014 revenue of $15 billion.

As AAP’s earlier data has shown, the fastest-growing category in the trade segment was children’s/young adult where sales rose 21%, to $4.40 billion, and units increased 14%. Sales of adult fiction, however, fell 2% in the year and nonfiction dropped 1%.

Total ebook sales increased 4% to an estimated $3.37 billion dollars, although units rose only 0.2%. But sales by subscription channels are not included in those numbers.


Encourage someone – especially an adult - to read,


P.S. Don’t forget our Media List sale, which includes our seven new lists, including the Books list, especially for writers.



* indicates media in the Wooden Horse Media Database - the media directory that's more like a media factbook

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