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The Archives: September, 2006

Magazine about glamour launched

September 28, 2006 - A TASTE OF CHIC is all about the trends and fashion of the entertainment and hospitality worlds.  The focus is on news and products.

Sissi Legziel is editor-in-chief of this quarterly magazine, which launched in early summer.  Copies are distributed at food shows, restaurants, hotels, clubs, and wine bars in major metropolitan U.S. cities and the Hamptons.

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New magazine for motocross fans

September 28, 2006 - MOTOCROSS ILLUSTRATED (MXI) is moving supercross, motocross, and supermoto coverage away from a lifestyle focus to one featuring interviews, event coverage, product testing, and news.

Steve Cox is editor-in-chief of this bi-weekly magazine from Access Media.  The debut issue and newsstand distribution launched in August.  Additional information was not immediately available.

New magazine for serious rocketeers

September 28, 2006 - LAUNCH is devoted to rocketeers and collectors of high-powered model rockets who are seeking inside information from industry leaders and news from associations and model rocket companies.

The bi-monthly magazine is published my MM Publishing and debuted with the September/October issue.  Distribution is by subscription.

New magazine for African American men

September 26, 2006 - AVENUE REPORT is “the voice for the underserved professional, fashion conscious, and business savvy African American male.”  Articles will cover contemporary and professional fashion, financial planning, entertainment, nightlife, love and relationships, and health.

Toyin Awesu is publisher and editor of this quarterly magazine that debuts with its September issue.  Distribution is by subscription.  Additional information was not immediately available.

Regional dog magazine launches

September 26, 2006 - NAPLES DOG is for Floridians interested in breezy and upbeat coverage of a dog’s lifestyle.  Topics include owner interviews, profiles of area charities and businesses, homeless pets stories, shelter events, and reviews of upscale toys, treats, services, and furnishings.

Kim Kazemi is editor of this quarterly magazine, which debuted with the Summer 2006 issue.  Copies are distributed by subscription and can be found in vet offices, bookstores, and resort destinations throughout Florida.

New magazine for drummers

September 26, 2006 - TRAPS is for professional and serious amateur drummers and percussionists.  The coverage focuses on jazz and classical drumming and topics range from historical profiles, songs, instruments, interviews, in-depth lessons, and equipment reviews.

Andy Doerschuk is editor of this quarterly Music Media magazine.  The company also publishes sister title DRUMS! The premier issue appeared on newsstands September 7 and is available by subscription.

New magazine lights the way

September 26, 2006 - PURE INSPIRATION presents feature articles on spiritual and positive-thinking viewpoints that are uplifting.  Insights are offered from past and current spiritual teaches and motivational guides.

Robert Becker is editor of this quarterly publication, which was recently introduced by Lightstream Publishing.  Additional information was not immediately available.

New magazine for teens

September 26, 2006 - RELATE is for fun-loving, motivated, and smart girls who are interested in encouraging others and making wise decisions.  Topics cover design, beauty, entertainment, the future, faith, life, and fun.

Mary Dohack is editor of this quarterly magazine, which debuted with its premier issue in May.  The full publishing schedule launches with the Holiday issue for November.  Distribution is currently handled through churches and Christian organizations.  Ms. Dohack is actively seeking freelance writers and offers monetary compensation for articles.
Data analysis magazine to launch

September 26, 2006 - STATISTICAL ANALYSIS & DATA MINING will report on all aspects of data analysis and interpretation and is targeted towards professionals in the computer science, engineering and statistics field.

Arnold Goodman, Chandrika Kamath and Vipin Kumar serve as co-editors-in-chief for this bi-monthly journal, which will launch in 2007. The publisher is John Wiley & Sons.  Additional information was not immediately available.

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Museum starts up magazine

September 26, 2006 - The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA has launched its official magazine, ANTHEM.  The focus is presenting an un-biased view of the American Civil War and features stories about people during the era, a look at the museum’s artifacts, and living history how-tos.

The bi-annual publication, which launched recently, is free to members and is otherwise distributed at the museum.  Additional information was not immediately available.

GOLF DIGEST to test spin-off

September 21, 2006 - GOLF DIGEST INDEX will concentrate on lifestyle coverage for the most affluent of GOLF DIGEST's readers.  In addition to the luxury vehicle, apparel, and gadgets coverage, profiles of industry leaders and articles on lifestyle issues will be included.

300,000 copies of the premier test issue will be mailed separately in October and two issues are expected to be published in 2007.  Additional information was not immediately available.

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The power of hip-hop in a new magazine

September 21, 2006 - HIP HOP WEEKLY will cover celebrity action and news but also "offer some insight, reflection and criticism on hip-hop as it influences everything."

Mimi Valdes is editor-in-chief of this Hip Hop Global Media publication.  The debut issue is expected at newsstands on October 16 with a circulation of 100,000 copies.

New magazine for skiers

September 21, 2006 - THE SKI JOURNAL will cover "global adventure, individual icons, amazing landscapes, [and] big personalities."  The focus is to capture the sport's culture and move beyond a simple gear guide.

Jeff Galbraith is publisher and editor of this quarterly magazine being published by funny feelings LLC.  The title will debut with the January 2007 issue.  Kristopher Kaiyala has been named senior editor and Grant Gunderson will serve as photo editor.  Distribution will be to specialty retailers and bookstores worldwide.

New lifestyle publication in San Francisco

September 18, 2006 - SF IS is all about the texture and elegant spirit of San Francisco, from high-end travel escapes to home design, fashion forecasts, and glamorous event coverage.

Anastasia Hendrix is editor of this bi-monthly magazine being published by the San Francisco Chronicle.  The debut issue is scheduled for September 21.  100,000 copies will be delivered to select newspaper subscribers and 10,000 copies are to be distributed in upscale hotels, boutiques and shopping destinations.

New men's travel and style magazine to launch

September 18, 2006 - OUTSIDE'S GO is for affluent men 35 and older who are interested in active, high-end travel and personal style.  Topics will include worldwide travel destinations, sports equipment, personal accessories, and profiles of successful men.

Kent Black is editor of this quarterly Mariah Media publication.  The March 2007 debut issue will begin with a ratebase of 200,000 and be poly-bagged with sister title OUTSIDE.

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New magazine about breast cancer

September 18, 2006 - BEYOND: LIVE & THRIVE AFTER BREAST CANCER is a support resource that covers the latest treatment and recovery methods, provides information on nutrition, fashion, stress, and fatigue, and offers personal and emotional profiles.  The target audience is women currently dealing with breast cancer as well as survivors.

Kelly Kegans is editor of this bi-annual publication from Meredith Special Interest Media.  The debut issue will appear on newsstands September 19.  Additional information was not immediately available.

New magazine for investment bankers

September 11, 2006 - DEALMAKER is a new magazine for private equity managers, investment bankers, venture capitalists, and chief executives.  Articles will cover profiles of industry leaders, in-depth looks at deals, business travel, finding value in the finer things in life, and charitable giving.

Randall Lane, the president of Doubledown Media, publisher of DEALMAKER and sister title TRADER MONTHLY, will oversee editorial operations.  10 issues are planned per year and a mid-November debut is anticipated.

Wellness magazine debuts

September 8, 2006 - DASH MAGAZINE is for readers interested in their total well-being.  Article topics cover business, fitness, beauty, nutrition, style, health, fashion, relationships, entertainment, and travel.  DASH is an acronym for determination, attitude, success and happiness.

Fran Petito is editor-in-chief of this quarterly title, which debuted with its Summer 2006 issue.  The circulation is 15,000 copies and is distributed by subscription, newsstands, and controlled giveaway.

New business magazine for U.S. and Canada

September 8, 2006 - VENTURE NORTH AMERICA is focusing on the relationship between U.S. and Canadian business communities.  Articles targeted at upper-level executives at public and private companies will cover best business practices and offer in-depth features and profiles of companies and business leaders.

Editorial director John Krukowski is at the helm of this magazine, which is published by Schofield Media, publisher of sister title US BUSINESS REVIEW.  The publication debuted with the Spring/Summer 2006 issue.  The website is http://www.venture-magazine.com.  Additional information was not immediately available.

New fitness magazine planned for 2007

September 8, 2006 - YOU24 is getting ready to help raise awareness about healthy living and exercise.  Topics will include stories about real people building better lives, advice on setting and meeting fitness goals, fun ways to keep fit, gear reviews, and gourmet recipes.

This magazine, which will be published three times in 2007, is a partnership between 24 Hour Fitness and Rodale Custom Publishing.  It will be distributed in 24 Hour Fitness clubs nationwide.

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Plus-size women's magazine aims higher

September 6, 2006 - FIGURE, founded three years ago, premiered its July/August relaunch issue with a new curvy logo and a renewed dedication to providing uplifting and empowering content that appeals to full-figured women.  Articles focus on attainable beauty and health tips and fashions.

BJ Towe is the new editor of this bi-monthly title, which is owned by Charming Shoppes but now published and edited by a team at Meredith Corporation.  Under Meredith's guidance, the plan is to grow FIGURE's ratebase 22 to 32 percent by next year.

New regional food magazine launches

September 6, 2006 - EDIBLE BOSTON is the latest edition to the collection of Edible Communities magazines.  The focus is on celebrating the food and culture of the Greater Boston area with articles about local farmers and producers who supply the region's marketplaces.

Ilene Bezahler is editor and publisher of this quarterly magazine and joins 14 additional regional editions that are locally financed and published.  EDIBLE IOWA RIVER VALLEY will launch in October, EDIBLE ATLANTA will debut in November, and EDIBLE MEMPHIS is planned for April 2007.

Growth planned for fashion magazine

September 6, 2006 - PEOPLE STYLE WATCH continues to come out of the shadows of sister title PEOPLE.  The basic coverage centers on accessible fashion styles and products, celebrity makeovers, and runway and event fashion news.

The magazine will increase publication frequency to ten issues per year in 2007 and will add a subscription service to its newsstand presence.  The planned ratebase is set at 550,000 copies.


ALL YOU has a new executive editor, Clare McHugh. (September 28)

COMPLEX has a new editor-in-chief, Noah Callahan-Bever. (September 28)

DCM - DATA CENTER MANAGEMENT has a new managing editor, Rand Christensen. (September 28)

VITAMIN RETAILER and NUTRITION INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE have a new editor-in-chief, James Gormley. (September 28)

ENDOCRINE TODAY has a new chief medical editor, Dr. Alan Garber. (September 28)

THE MANUFACTURER and ENERGY BUSINESS have a new editor-in-chief, Dann Anthony Maurno. (September 28)

PORTFOLIO has a new senior editor, Ken Wells. (September 26)

JANE has a new accessories editor, Christina Turner. (September 26)

COSMOGIRL! has a new associate beauty editor, Emily Kate Warren. (September 26)

VIBE has a new associate music editor, Sean Fennessey. (September 26)

YOGA JOURNAL will increase its publishing frequency from seven to eight issues and increase the ratebase to 350,000 starting in 2007. (September 26)

WHERE and PERFORMANCE have a new editor, Maya Kroth. (September 26)

REDMOND DEVELOPER NEWS has a new editor, Michael Desmond. (September 26)

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS has a new editor-in-chief, Richard Nass. (September 26)

MICROSOFT WATCH - editor Mary Jo Foley is leaving her position. Scot Petersen, editor of EWEEK, is serving as acting editor. (September 26)

MODERN UNIFORMS, STITCHES, and WEARABLES BUSINESS have been acquired by Advertising Specialty Institute. (September 26)

PEOPLE has a new assistant managing editor, Jess Cagle. (September 21)

ELLE ACCESSORIES has two new market editors, Cayli Cavaco and Regina Delgado. (September 21)

SPORT DIVER has a new associate editor, Brooke Morton. (September 21)

WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL has a new editor, John McCalla. (September 21)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - executive editor Mark Harris is leaving his position on October 6. (September 21)

THE WALRUS - deputy editor Tom Fennell has left his position. (September 21)


RELISH will increase its ratebase to nine million in January 2007. (September 18)

PORTFOLIO has a new senior editor, Kyle Pope. (September 18)

US WEEKLY has a new staff editor, Erin Quinn. (September 18)

THIS OLD HOUSE has a new senior editor, Kelly Beamon. (September 18)

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY has a new associate editor, Chelsey Drysdale. (September 18)

INTERNET TELEPHONY, SIP MAGAZINE, and IMS MAGAZINE have a new executive editor, Richard Grigonis. (September 18)

TRAVEL + LEISURE has several new staffers: Laura Begley as deputy editor; Nilou Motamed as features editor; Nina Willdorf as senior editor; Nelson Mui as style editor. (September 14)

MEDIAWEEK has a new senior editor, Lucia Moses. (September 14)

SEATTLE WEEKLY has a new editor-in-chief as of October 3, Mark Fefer. (September 14)

AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE has a new editor-in-chief, Gavin Conway. (September 14)

HEMAWARE, LUPUS NOW, and DOC NEWS have a new managing editor, Ann Binstock. (September 14)

DISCOVER has a new special projects editor, Patti Adcroft. (September 14)

TIME has a new assistant managing editor, Josh Tyrangiel. (September 14)

SELF has a new assistant health editor, Sheila Monaghan. (September 14)

MD NET GUIDE: NEUROLOGY EDITION has a new physician editor-in-chief, Daniel Hier. (September 14)

DETAILS - articles editor Pete Wells is leaving his position on September 22. (September 14)

VARBUSINESS - senior editor Luc Hatlestad has left his position. (September 14)

PHONE+ and XCHANGE - assistant managing editor Manyesha Batist has left her position. (September 14)


PREVENTION has a new brand editor as of September 18, Leah McLaughlin. (September 11)

SURFACE has a new design editor, Shonquis Moreno. (September 11)

5280 has a new photo editor, Steffanie Woodward. (September 11)

ESSENCE - accessories editor Daisy Lewellyn has left her position. (September 11)

MANAGED CARE and PHARMACY & THERAPEUTICS JOURNAL have been acquired by Vestar Capital Partners. (September 11)

SELF has a new senior accessories editor, Hedy Gold. (September 8 )

WOMAN'S WORLD has a new assistant beauty editor, Pauline Lee. (September 8)

BOMB has two new staffers: Nicole Steinberg as associate editor; Brian McMullen as managing editor. (September 8)

FOUR SEASONS MAGAZINE has a new managing editor, Susan Delson. (September 8)

THE ADVOCATE - editor-in-chief Bruce Steele is resigning on October 6. (September 8)

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY - assistant technology editor Nick Turner is leaving his position. (September 8)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has a new executive editor, Lori Majewski. (September 6)

MARIE CLAIRE - senior market editor Wendy Wallace has left her position. (September 6)

WEIGHT WATCHERS MAGAZINE has a new senior editor, Jennifer Matarazzo. (September 6)

FITNESS - lifestyle editor Sharon Boone has left her position. (September 6)

GQ has a new senior editor, Mickey Rapkin. (September 6)

NEWSWEEK has a new managing editor, Daniel Klaidman. (September 6)

FORTUNE has a new assistant managing editor, John Brodie. (September 6)

YOGA JOURNAL has been acquired by Active Interest Media. (September 6)

REPORT ON BUSINESS has a new editor, Gary Salewicz. (September 6)

PC MAGAZINE - technology editor Ben Gottesman has left his position. (September 6)

COLORED STONE and LAPIDARY JOURNAL have been acquired by Interweave Press. (September 6)

SPORTING NEWS has been acquired by American City Business Journals, a division of Advance Publications. (September 6)

AGENDA USA has been acquired by Red 7 Media. (September 6)

THE NEW REPUBLIC - senior editor Lee Siegel has been suspended indefinitely. (September 6)


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