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With special emphasis on being jargon-free and understandable, we help freelancers, small business owners and staff make money online in today’s world.

To meet that goal, The Horse offers business information, services and tools – among them our Media Lists intended for PR professionals and small businesses seeking publicity, and our Media Database, a writer’s market and media directory perfect for writers.


winter sale


After 13 years we are forced to raise the prices of our Media Database, but before we do, we’re going to have one big, thundering sale!

Come January 1, 2015, over 2,000 editors and producers with contact information, reader demographics, writer’s guidelines and editorial calendars (if applicable) in the Media Database will be available at:

  • 1 year………………$169
  • 6 months…………….$99
  • 30 days………………$39.95
  • 7 days………………..$12.95
  • 24 hours……………..$2.99


…through December 31, 2014, subscriptions will be available at the best discount we have ever given:

  • 1 year………….…..$119 - that’s $50 off the new price!
  • 6 months…………..$79 - that’s $20 off the new price!

Those are some pretty darn good prices – but they can’t stay long! (You can imagine what 13 years have done to our costs in that time.) So, do take advantage of our dislike to raise prices (and if you already have a current subscription, the new one won’t start until the old one expires):

  • 1 year….......At $50 off the new price! Use coupon S10WH001
  • 6 months........At $20 off the new price! Use coupon S10WH002

Go to our store now - your order has to be in before midnight on December 31, 2014!


Sled dogs at full speed

Our December 7 newsletter was delivered to subscribers and is now posted on our website

It features 12 media changes and 62 media people changes for writers, photographers, PR professionals and small business owners seeking publicity.

This is our last newsletter before the holidays; we'll be back on January 11. Meanwhile see media news on Twitter @WoodenHorsePub.


Newspaper steal from freelancer

It happened again!

Another newspaper steals from a freelance writer

This time it is a newspaper in Georgia that swiped an article off another paper’s website and not only published it, but offered it for sale in their archives.

“All facts…in the article you posted…are in the public domain,” Times-Herald General Manager John Winters alleges. Not so, says intellectual property attorney Dana Robinson and wrote a terrific white paper for us on just this subject.

His article is easy to understand and includes some really handy tips on how to read all those fine-print Terms & Conditions that pop up everywhere. Read it and then do your friends and colleagues a favor and send them the link.

Know your rights – Read our easy-to-understand white paper


heartbeat logo

This site is safe from the “Heartbleed” bug

You can use the Wooden Horse site with confidence. It uses a different kind of software to protect you than the OpenSSL software that can be hacked and is so prominent in the news these days.

Therefore, the site is safe now and has always been. Your logins and personal data are secure.

By the way, as an additional precaution we do not store your credit or debit card information on our site.


copyright sign

How does copyright work in these times of social media?

- A Wooden Horse white paper by an intellectual property attorney explains


Dr. Oz magazine cover

We have Dr. Oz!

Dr. Oz The Good Life - the magazine inspired by TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz - tested great for Hearst and will launch regularly this coming August/September. We just added it to the Media Database.

And we also have these other TV inspired magazines:

O, The Oprah Magazine
Every Day with Rachael Ray
Martha Stewart Living
HGTV Magazine
Food Network Magazine

Subscriptions start at $1.99